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The moves you predict, plan, and eventually make all matter. Using our Strategies editor, you can publish (or keep private) any trading thesis for any asset. Add updates to your thesis to track your progress. Get shareable links to whatever you choose to publish to brainstorm with friends.

Add stocks and crypto to your watchlist or focus on your top-four favorites using "My Markets" to stay on top of price movements.

Pick what you want to see, where you want to see it. Cut out the noise and focus on the the important stuff. Customize your dashboard how you see fit and Fraywire will take care of the rest for you.
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Perfect for tablets, notebooks, and desktops, make your terminal work for you.
Customize what you want to see, where you want to see it.
Stocks, crypto, and macroeconomic data all aggregated and organized for easy access in one, comprehensive terminal.
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    Fraywire was born out of the frustration of an avid investor annoyed with switching between different apps and websites to access stock and crypto prices in one screen. The goal was to create something customizable, easy to use, familiar, and free.
    Fraywire was coded entirely from scratch, does not collect any personal data beyond your watchlists, and uses tools you’re already familiar with - such as TradingView charts and tickers - neatly aggregated into one comprehensive trading dashboard.

    What is fraywire?
    Fraywire is a robust, lightweight economic terminal designed to help users research market movements.
    Does fraywire offer investment or financial advice?
    Absolutely not. Nothing published or provided by Fraywire, Breaking Metrics, or the Rebel Economist should be mistaken as financial advice. Fraywire offers charts and data to help you do your own research.
    Does fraywire track my personal information?
    Fraywire does not track any of your personal information. We do not track cookies, IP addresses, or anything you click on. Unfortunately, we're not interested in your personal lives and less information we track, the faster the app can load.
    Can I view cryptocurrencies on fraywire?
    Yes, cryptocurrencies are included in the slew of assets and market data you can track on fraywire. A dedicated link to the crypto market is available in the sidebar after logging in.
    Can I trade stocks or crypto directly through fraywire?
    No. Fraywire is designed to be a "helper" and a dashboard. It's an aid to your trading platforms and aims to be the central hub to all your market research.