Clean and simple.
Fully customizable.
Zero user tracking.
Explore industries and market sectors in a fully customizable dashboard with news and updates streamed directly from Breaking Metrics.

What is fraywire?
Fraywire is a robust, lightweight market portal designed to help users research market and economic movements.
Does fraywire offer investment or financial advice?
Absolutely not. Nothing published or provided by Fraywire, Breaking Metrics, or the Rebel Economist should be mistaken as financial advice. Fraywire offers charts and data to help you do your own research.
Does fraywire track my personal information?
Fraywire does not track any of your personal information. We do not track IP addresses or anything you click on.
Can I view cryptocurrencies on fraywire?
Yes, you can view stocks and cryptocurrencies from all major exchanges on Fraywire.
Can I trade stocks or crypto directly through Fraywire?
No. Fraywire is research tool only. It's an aid to your trading platforms and aims to be the central hub to all your market research.